LENEXA, KS – Apr 12, 2010

XTEC today announced the redesign of its website, http://XTEConline.com.  The new design was created and built by XTEC’s in-house software development group with the goal of providing visitors better access to information regarding XTEC’s technology solutions.  According to Lead Developer, James Asher, “Our intent was to enhance the visual experience of users and make navigation of the site more intuitive.  Overall, we are very pleased with the changes implemented so far and look forward to feedback from our visitors.”

In addition to the new look, the site’s software architecture has undergone a complete makeover as well. The architectural changes are expected to simplify website maintenance and facilitate integration with the many web-based software services that XTEC currently provides to clients and vendors.

About XTEC

XTEC is a technology services company specializing in product support. Since 1992, XTEC has provided equipment manufacturers and field service organizations with a full-range of innovative support options ranging from reverse logistics, depot repair and inventory management to web-based software systems and engineering services. Headquartered in the Kansas City metropolitan area, XTEC is strategically situated at the hub of transcontinental and NAFTA trade corridors in the geographical center of the United States. Intelligently located with a smart, highly-motivated workforce, XTEC is the logical choice for U.S.-based product support services. For additional information, please visit http://XTEConline.com.